Attract Beautiful Women - You Can Attract Beautiful Women By Not Being Boring & Predictable

Published: 21st January 2010
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Any man can attract beautiful women, you don't have to be good looking or rich you know. What you DO need to attract a beautiful woman though is to not be boring.

What I mean by boring is to not be a predictable guy. You don't have to go and join the SAS or the secret service to be exiting do you? It's all about being unpredictable.

You see Mr. nice guy always pays a woman compliments, he always asks the woman what she would like to do, he buys her flowers and gifts to make her accept him, and pretty soon Mr. nice guy turns into Mr. nice guy who's a friend.

So, what does a man need to do to be unpredictable and attract beautiful women I hear you ask? Well, you can be funny and spontaneous. You can tease a woman about her hair or choice of clothes like you would with your bratty little sister.

Be cocky and funny at the same time, tell the girl what you are going to do on a date and make decisions for her. If she wants to sit at a certain table when out on a date, say "No, let's sit here instead".

Just remember to do it in a nice tactful way and not be a jerk if you want to attract beautiful women. Never fulfill a woman's desires straight away, always leave her wanting more. Try and let the woman know that you'll give her what she wants, when YOU WANT TO. Women will love you even more for being like that instead of boring and predictable MR. nice guy!

Being boring Mr. predictable nice guy wont get you anywhere if you want to attract beautiful women, just remember that next time you're out attracting girls.

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