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Published: 08th January 2010
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As women get older their expectations and priorities change. To learn how to attract older women we need to recognise these key changes and adapt to them with regards to dating.

Firstly we need to discuss hobbies and our passions to learn how to attract older women. Finding things in common with an older woman becomes more important. Older women are often looking for a male companion to share these hobbies and passions with, because they have gone through the stages of rearing children.

Secondly, never discuss about how good a parent you are or talk about your kids. Older women are looking for identities beyond that of a parent. Obviously you can talk about children and parenting if the woman shows interest in it

Also, if you want to learn how to attract older women, avoid flattery and pickup lines. This gets more ridiculous as women get older as they have been through it all a thousand times before no doubt. Just be sincere and original. Don't try and be a player, as older women will see straight through you

Finally, show that you have a fun side. A sense of humour is also a positive trait. If you can show an older woman that you are youthful and enjoying life, she will be very attracted to you. None of us like to feel old do we?

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