Seduce Women - Use This Simple Technique For Seducing Women Into Bed

Published: 14th January 2010
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In this article we will discuss a simple technique you can use tonight to seduce women. Please be aware that when using this technique for seducing women, that if a woman doesn't show any interest to it, do not pester her and respect her desicion.

You've broke the ice with a beautiful woman at your local bar, the conversation is very interesting and as far as you can see, everything is going well. Now all you need to do is get her into bed. One of the best techniques to seduce women is called the Latin lover routine, and it works by spicing up the conversation using a few seductive phrases.

You see, verbally letting a woman know you're sexually interested in her is an ideal way to come across as a fun, exiting lover, the kind she fantasizes about, and although women may not like to admit it, they get just as exited as men do when it comes to sexy conversation.

If a woman said to you that you had a sexy walk, or a great bum, it would turn you on right? Women show men their cleavage and behinds because they know that if their bodies are well packaged, men will want to get their hands on them.

You can seduce women by talking in a sexy, romantic manner. Don't start reeling off a script of some dirty movie you watched the night before, as that wont work. Be warned aswell that some women may not like this kind of sexual talk, others may be shy at first and may have to be warmed up.

Simply make the woman in question feel comfortable and safe. Compliment her on less obvious body features such as neck, ears, hair and lips. Take notice of the little things about her and tell her what you think of them. Give her plenty of attention and make her feel like she is the most important person in the room, and never look at any other women.

Start talking about each others fantasies, imply sex by asking what she would like for breakfast in the morning, and talk about her favourite positions. Just remember to back up everything you say if the conversation leads to the bedroom. Also remember that women are not a piece of meat, keep the conversation focused, and not outright filthy, do it with style.

By being sexy and provocative really turns a woman on, use this technique to seduce women next time you're out on the dating game and have fun!

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