Women's Body language - 3 Secret Signals To Know That A Woman WANTS YOU By Reading Her Body Language

Published: 04th February 2010
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Most guys fail to pick up girls because they never learned how to read a women's body language. They spend hors on researching the best pick up lines and chat up routines just to find something that works for them.

Women simply cannot hide these little tell tale signs that their bodies are giving away, and if you look around you next time you're out at a bar or a party, you'll see some amazing things happening. You'll notice how women give out little flirting signals to men they like, and, like most of these guys, if you don't know what they are, some great opportunities are going to be missed.

Here's 3 sure signs you can tell by a woman's body language that she is into you:

1. Both eyebrows raised - A woman's eyebrows can reflect her feelings very well. if she really likes you, you'll notice that whenever she looks directly at you, both of her eyebrows will be raised. If only one eyebrow is raised that simply means that she is checking you out, but the attraction isn't quite there yet.

2. Her posture - When a woman who finds you attractive notices you, she will sit up straight and tries secretly to look at you from the corner of her eye. You'll also notice that she will throw her hair back and crosses her legs with her toes pointing in your direction. These are probably some of the easiest signals a woman's body language gives out to tell you she is into you badly.

3. Hair patting - When a woman starts chatting to a guy she is attracted to, she will start to feel self conscious. She'll touch her hair a lot because she's making sure that her hair-do is in place. She will also check for stray locks that may be covering her face aswell.

All the above are women's body language signals they give out so you notice that she is into you, and wants you to approach her. The secret to being successful with women is to make sure you KNOW these signals they give out when they feel attracted to you, because these little non-verbal invitations should NEVER be missed!

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